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Alexei Kamensky

The basis of Kamensky's work covers a wide artistic range drawing upon technique and showing variety. This goes together with Alexei Kamensky's often working with cycles or series for a particular theme. He takes many of these finished concrete sketches through the steps of abstraction. The result of such work processes is more painting variance, which formally differentiates one from the other.

One considers these cycles closer and interesting artistic steps and resulting developments will be observed. In two recent publications there are the poetry illustrations which portray the typical steps of the artist from the representational to the abstract.

Alexei Kamensky's paintings evoke emotional landscapes, in each of his brush strokes one feels the depth of his thought; the peacefulness of his solitude. Light and colours become one. The work mirrors his soul and his congeniality further. His artwork is based in the first place not on ideas but rather on impressions.