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Nadja Brykina Gallery was opened in Zurich in 2006. Its concept focuses on Russian art from the second half of the 20th century up to present time. In 2010, in order to emphasize its connection to the Eastern European art world and the Russian artists the gallery’s branch was opened in Moscow.
Many artists represented in the gallery rank among the Nonconformists. They did not join the ruling party nor its official art – the Socialist Realism – nor did they join the political underground. In their isolation, they followed their own artistic pursuit. 


Now these works, which earlier were only rarely shown to the public outside the Soviet Union, are not only accessible to the Western world in Zurich but also fondly gathered together in the centre of Moscow in the gallery’s Russian branch. The spectrum of artworks ranges from painting to illustrations: from graphics to sculpture.
Since 1996, Nadja Brykina has been constantly releasing monographs, artists’ books and exhibition catalogues in several languages. Further publications include documentary films unraveling the artistic life of selected artists. The work exhibitions are complemented by photo exhibitions giving insight into their artistic worlds as well as cultural events, such as concerts and readings.