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Unofficial Meeting, from the Brykina Collection

Catalogue for the exhibition held at the
State Russian Museum St. Petersburg

Editor: Yevgenia Petrova
Publisher: Palace Editions, St. Petersburg
Contributors: Lyubov Shakirova and Jean-Claude Marcadé

192 p., approx. 130 colour fig.
33 x 24.5 x 2.2 cm, Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-86384-038-9
© Palace Editions

The catalogue of the exhibition „Unofficial Meeting“ provides an insight into the Collection Brykina from Switzerland and illustrates the exhibited and additional artworks.
The exhibition was held from 19 May to 2 August 2011 in the Marble Palace. Works of the following artists were shown: Vladimir Andreenkov, Alexei Kamensky, Andrey Krasulin, Boris Otarov, Marlen Spindler, Igor Vulokh, Valery Yurlov and Yuri Zlotnikov
With the catalogue, the authors want to make another important contribution to the study of this period in art. In addition, the book is a tribute to the great work of these unique and ever independent artists.