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Marlen Spindler Catalogue for the exhibition at the Tretiakov Gallery

Publisher: Nadja Brykina
Contributions: Nadja Brykina, Stanislaw Iwanitzki,
Urs Häner
Repro photographs: Martin von den Driesch

144 p., approx. 120 colour fig.
31 x 23 cm, softcover
ISBN 978-3-9523522-1-2
© 1996 M, N & O Art Publishing Co. Ltd.

„The best that was in me I invested into painting.“

The catalogue on Marlen Spindler’s exhibition in Moscow’s Tretjakov Gallery represents Nadja Brykina’s debut feature, published in 1996.
Marlen Spindler is one of the most outstanding Russian painters of his time. He belongs to the nonconformists of the sixties and his works can be regarded as a prime example reflecting the artistic movement of the second Russian avant-garde.
The catalogue offers a first glimpse on substantial works between 1959 and 1996.
Together with the exhibition at the Tretjakov Gallery, the largest and most relevant museum in Moscow, this greatly illustrated catalogue dignifies Marlen Spindler’s sublime artistic repertoire.