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Igor Vulokh Catalogue

Publisher: Nadja Brykina
Contributions: Troels Andersen, Nadja Brykina

ISBN 978-3-9523155-2-1
ISBN 978-3-9523155-3-8
300 p., approx. 250 colour fig.
31 x 27 cm, softcover
© 2007 Nadja Brykina Gallery AG

„When I get to work I usually decide to use only two or three colours and one vertical. Once I’m standing within these limits it allows me to squeeze out all my talent in order to show what I really am.“

The catalogue featuring a retrospective of Igor Vulokh‘s works was published in Zurich in 2007. As opposed to the monograph released in 2001, the catalogue displays additional oeuvres of the artist which are subclassified in different themes. The titles in each section (overture, expression, sedateness, respiration, pondering, polyphony, reprise) are evocative of Vulokh’s artistic world. Moreover, the catalogue unravels an analysis of his life and works, which was written by Troels Andersen, one of the most outstanding art historians for Russian art.