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Marlen Spindler Catalogue

Publisher: Nadja Brykina
Contributions: Nadja Brykina, Urs Häner
Repro photographs: Martin von den Driesch

ISBN 3-033-00360-5
ISBN 3-033-00361-3
360 p., approx. 320 colour fig.
31 x 27 cm, softcover
© 2005 Nadja Brykina Gallery AG

„When I create a painting I’m anxious to feel at ease, to do everything at once, „non-stop“, so that it becomes pure and graceful. Besides, we should paint whenever we see something, in order to caress our soul. This is when we can see the results.“

For the first time, the life of Marlen Spindler is extensively described. The catalogue unravels an extensive account about the reasons why the artist lived in prison and exile for 15 years of his life. The catalogue also features a range of statements by the artist regarding his artistic record, which were found in his works and journals.
The catalogue contains all phases of his repertory - debuting with the early works of the fifties and ending with abstract works which were created until the end of 1993.