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Vladimir Soskiev

Vladimir Soskiev is one of the most important Russian sculptors of the second half of the 20th century.

One can feel the spirit of Soskiev's native home, ancient and recent customs and native songs in his works. He works step by step rethinking imagery and the phenomena of the world around him. The key concepts of many of Vladimir Soskiev's works are the momentary and the eternal as well as their philosophical correlation. "The eurhythmic is paramount; it brings the idea with it."

The characters in Vladimir Soskiev's lyrical compositions are full of naivety, primitiveness, and purity. They exude love's touching, magical nature. They are humane, captivating and somehow unusual.

The artist sees the product as an object of figural, aesthetic art which is in no way obliged to depict something concrete. It is far more important to give the sculpture spirituality and to render a convincing volume and spatial structure. These qualities are chiefly achieved by his wealth of talent for artistic intuition and not by blindly observing anatomical proportions.